SDG Index & Dashboards (Bertelsmann Stiftung)

Who’s behind it? – Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Bertelsmann Stiftung


How can it help? –  In July 2016, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and Bertelsmann Stiftung launched the SDG Index and Dashboards, a globally-focused resource which provides an analysis and ranking of how 149 of the 193 UN member states are currently performing with regard to selected SDG targets. The work provides easily digestible dashboards for each country, highlighting which targets and SDGs need most attention, and very much underlining the fact that the SDGs represent a universal agenda which has applicability in all geographies. From a business perspective, the index and dashboards are a useful resource in helping to identify SDG priority areas in specific geographies where companies are either currently operating or are looking to expand their presence in the future. The data available can support companies in identifying which SDGs are likely to be priority areas for individual governments and therefore how they can align with local priorities, making a significant contribution to development and securing a strong license to operate. Translations of the report are also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.


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