18 Dutch financial institutions have released a joint report titled ‘Building Highways to SDG Investing’ which looks to reinforce commitment and to offer concrete recommendations for financial sector engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Dutch SDG Investing (SDGI) initiative was established earlier this year to explore and incubate ways to advance a transformative, forward-looking SDG investment agenda, with a particular focus on advancing joint understanding of Dutch SDG investing, and outlining a roadmap to help achieve greater convergence, collaboration and coordination between leading actors and stakeholders.

The report, which has been presented to the Dutch Government and Central Bank, advocates for action in support of the 2030 Agenda across four key areas:

  • Catalyzing significant SDG investment through the systematic deployment of blended finance instruments;
  • Making SDG investment the ‘new normal’ by encouraging and enabling all Dutch retail investors to invest with impact;
  • Establishing an enabling SDGI data environment by stimulating the uptake of sustainability indicators and standards;
  • Identifying and addressing actual and perceived regulatory barriers and incentives to SDG investment.

For more information please visit the Dutch SDGI website.



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