Mining company Vale has demonstrated that it is taking efforts to explore the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals to its sector as a whole and to identify opportunities for the mining industry to contribute to the advancement of the 2030 agenda.

The company has also made efforts to highlight how the work that it is currently engaged in as part of its ongoing efforts to address global sustainability challenges is aligned with the SDGs. Underpinning this is a recognition that the company has an important role to play in contributing to the sustainable development of all of the different regions in which it operates.

In line with this approach, Vale has also taken the innovative step of looking to identify the SDGs which it is impacting at a local project level. In the case study highlighted via the link below, the company provides a perspective on how some of the initiatives that it has launched in the municipality of Canaã dos Carajás, which is directly influenced by one of its iron ore projects, are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. This integration of the SDGs at project and community level is an interesting approach, providing a level of granularity which enables the company to identify and demonstrate contribution to the SDGs in a very localized context. This underlines the fact that different territories, countries and communities around the world face different sustainable development challenges and in many cases require tailored solutions.

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