We support our members and the wider business community to strategically integrate the SDGs into business decision-making.

The SDGs provide business with a powerful framework to translate global needs and ambitions into business solutions. They enable companies to better manage their risks and unlock opportunities. Radical transformation is required to deliver the Global Goals, allowing business to demonstrate leadership and apply its creativity to innovate for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Business is not being asked to deliver the SDGs alone, but the goals will not be achieved without a significant contribution from the private sector. With our work programs we aim to provide meaningful avenues for our members to lead, transform and succeed on the journey to 2030.

While WBCSD’s diverse work streams provide a platform for our member companies to contribute to a wide variety of SDGs, our SDG program area focuses more broadly on supporting companies as they look to strategically integrate and communicate around the SDG agenda.

Value – advancing the conversation

Our SDG work is driven by a motivation to constantly provide value for our members, and to keep them connected to developments across the dynamic SDG landscape. We provide timely updates on the latest trends, insight and emerging best practice, while also convening opportunities for peer-learning and exchange.

Impact – driving collective impact

Our work also seeks to stimulate more impactful SDG engagement and interaction among WBCSD’s membership. We encourage and enable our members to come together to explore options for collective SDG impact, at both a sectoral and systemic level. We are working with several sector groups within WBCSD to develop SDG sector roadmaps.

Voice – representing and injecting the voice of business

We seek to inject and position a forward-thinking business voice into inter-governmental dialogues, most notably at UN-level. We work to deliver a series of events throughout the year that provide business with a platform to share SDG progress and position a private sector perspective.

How is WBCSD Contributing?

Our SDG Impact Chart

We created this interactive SDG Impact Chart to illustrate how WBCSD’s work program contributes to the SDGs through its diverse projects. It shows where our efforts contribute the most by linking all 17 SDGs to the projects that work towards achieving them and offers entry points to more information.

CEO Guide

Our CEO Guide to the SDGs sets out clear actions that CEOs can take to begin to align their organizations with the SDGs and plot a course towards unlocking the value they represent. The guide is available in various languages, with regional perspectives and endorsed by CEOs from around the world.

SDG Roadmap Guidelines

Leveraging our experience in working with sector groups, WBCSD has developed a set of SDG road-mapping guidelines which offer a step-by-step process on how companies from a particular sector can come together to create a roadmap for their industry.

SDG Compass

In September 2015, in collaboration with GRI and the UN Global Compact, WBCSD launched the SDG Compass which provides guidance for companies on how they can align their strategies as well as measure and manage their contribution to the realization of the SDGs.

WBCSD’s work is led by our membership of approximately 200 forward thinking businesses and supported by strong institutional partnerships including our global network of some 60 business organizations worldwide, enhancing our reach and contribution to the SDGs at scale.



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