Evaluating Progress on the SDGs

Who’s behind it? – GlobeScan, SustainAbility Institute by ERM



How can it help? – The “Evaluating Progress on the SDGs” report by GlobeScan and The SustainAbility Institute by ERM shows that sustainability practitioners continue to report poor progress towards each of the 17 Goals. Additionally, over half of experts surveyed believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will further slow the rate of progress.

Nearly 500 experienced sustainability professionals in 75 countries were asked to evaluate the progress that has been made on sustainable development overall and on each SDG, to rank the relative urgency of each Goal, and to share insights into the priorities within their own organizations. Experts were also asked how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact progress on the SDGs. The survey tracked expert opinions polled in 2017 and 2019.


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