Getting to the Global Goals – A Radical Yet Realistic Route to 2030

Who’s behind it? – The Rockefeller Foundation


How can it help? – What can be done to get the SDGs back on track? The report “Getting to the Global Goals” published by the Rockefeller Foundation sets out a radical yet realistic route to 2030. Calling on all the “world’s optimists” to unite behind the SDGs, the authors stress that incremental changes will not be enough. Realizing the 2030 Agenda needs substantial, systemic change.

The publication also details some existing and proven solutions can be developed and scaled up to address global problems. For most of the SDGs the biggest challenge is not finding some breakthrough innovation (though that would be a bonus) but the adoption at scale of what already works. The Rockefeller Foundation also calls for bold leadership, in government, in philanthropic and other non-governmental organizations, in business, and throughout society. 


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