Private sector awareness of the SDGs: A Survey Report on Business and Sustainability in China

Who’s behind it? – UNDP, China Chamber of International Commerce and PwC

How can it help? – The Private Sector Awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals report is the first of its kind in China and serves as a baseline analysis of business awareness of the SDGs. It aims to provide business leaders a glimpse of how companies are engaging with the SDGs in China, which areas matter the most, the future trends and how – beyond normal business practices – companies can help societies to recover from shocks and crises, such as COVID-19.

As a mapping of private sector awareness of the SDGs, the report creates a baseline of current objectives, strategies and practices of enterprises in China. This aims to facilitate future initiatives that further align the private sector with the SDGs; ultimately, to foster a paradigm shift of 21st century companies from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices to indicator-driven SDG impact management.


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