SDGs mean Business. How credible standards can help companies deliver the 2030 agenda

Who’s behind it? – WWF and ISEAL

How can it help? –  This 2017 report by WWF and ISEAL explores how businesses can use credible voluntary sustainability standards to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It outlines the responsibility the private sector has to contribute to the 2030 agenda, in first instance by looking at the impacts of their own supply chains. Credible standards provide guidance on what better production, or “sustainability for the mainstream” looks like in a concrete and practical way, focused on a specific process, sector or industry. The report shows how companies can sustainability standards to take individual action and to ‘scale-up’ efforts across a whole sector or industry.

By bringing together different actors (businesses, NGOs, governments, etc.), credible standards embody the multi-stakeholder, partnership approach which is central to the SDG agenda.

For more evidence how the adoption of sustainability standards can directly contribute towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), check out ISEAL’s three infographics on this here.

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