SDG Compass

Who’s behind it? – WBCSD, GRI, UN Global Compact


How can it help? –  The SDG Compass explains how the SDGs affect your business, while also offering tools and insight on how to position sustainability at the heart of your strategy while establishing mechanisms to measure and manage your contribution. Developed in collaboration between WBCSD, the UN Global Compact and GRI, the Compass provides a set of guidelines for companies to follow as they look to integrate the SDGs strategically, advocating that business should look to: a) understand the SDGs in a business context; b) define priority action areas; c) set SDG-related goals; d) integrate these goals into core corporate functions; and e) report and communicate progress against the SDG agenda. The Compass also consists of a series of online resources, including a database of currently available impact measurement tools, and a set of briefing notes on each of the SDGs and their implications for business. The SDG Compass is available in multiple languages including: Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Korean and Ukrainian.


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