SDG Selector

Who’s behind it? – PwC


How can it help? –  The SDG Selector is accessible tool made available by PwC can provide valuable support to companies as they look to undertake an initial assessment of which SDGs are most relevant for their business. Users can filter results to see which SDGs (according to PwC’s research), are most closely linked to particular industries, geographies or themes.

The tool draws on a range of work that PwC has undertaken since the launch of the SDGs including its “Make it your business” report which asked business leaders to identify which SDGs they thought their business had an impact on and which might be an opportunity area for them going forward; and its Global Business Navigator tool which takes over 200 data sources to score countries performance against each SDG target.

A useful starting point for companies looking to cut through complexity and get a high-level steer on how their business intersects with the SDGs.


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