Sector Transformation: An SDG Roadmap for Electric Utilities

Who’s behind it? – WBCSD 


How can it help? – The Sector Transformation: An SDG Roadmap for Electric Utilities provides utility business leaders worldwide with a flagship guide to driving transformative change. It explores the sector’s interaction with the SDGs, identifies nine priority goals, and outlines seven key impact opportunity areas where the sector is well placed to drive transformation in line with the objectives of the SDGs. Each of these impact opportunities is underscored by a series of tangible actions that companies can take to maximize their potential for positive SDG impact across short-, medium- and long-term time horizons.

WBCSD has convened 11 of the world’s leading electric utility companies to explore, articulate and set a course to realizing the unique potential of this sector to leverage its unique influence and innovation to contribute to the SDG agenda, including: ACCIONA, Celsia, CLP, EDF, EDP, Eletrobras, Enel, ENGIE, Iberdrola, Kansai Electric Power and Tata Power.


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