The $50 Trillion Question

Who’s behind it? –  Standard Chartered


How can it help? – Standard Chartered’s report The $50 Trillion Question investigates how some of the world’s largest asset managers – with a combined USD50 trillion in assets under management (AUM) – are investing at this critical time for the global economy and the environment.

Conducted between July and August 2020 amongst a panel of the world’s top 300 investment firms with total assets under management (AUM) of more than USD50 trillion*, the survey found that:

  • 20% are unaware of the SDGs
  • Only 13% of their USD$ 50 trillion of investment is linked to the SDGs
  • 64% of their AUM is invested in Europe and North America, with only 5 per cent in Middle East and Africa combined, even though investors say emerging-market investments outperform
  • Lack of investment in emerging markets puts the chances of meeting the 2030 SDG deadline at risk. 
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