White Paper: Partnerships of the Goals

Who’s behind it? – UBS

How can it help? –  With this White Paper , UBS explores how specific types of partnerships can achieve the SDGs. The key findings are that fulfillment of the SDGs demands new approaches to philanthropy and sustainable investing; and that partnerships for the goals are critical to building these approaches. It suggests that:

  1. Private wealth managers need to work more closely with multilateral development banks (MDB).
  2. Financial firms need to work together to standardize sustainable and impact investing conventions, including targeting market levels of financial return.
  3. Financial firms must work together to fashion innovative solutions that full the gaps in the SDG funding landscape.
  4. Philanthropic clients are increasingly moving away from solely giving money toward collaboration and adopting more impactful philanthropy models.
  5. Firms can create incremental benefits by introducing social entrepreneurs to their stakeholders.
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